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Hard Stuff

Hard things which turns me on.

Hard play time: sounded, tied, cbt,stretchedball and shaved - a good first lesson in bdsm!

source: TOF

Horny drawings: Cruising with the cops!

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Nice hood 

A well prepared sub!

Literally..." Rubbing one out "...(( grinning widely ))

Self-milking locked in a small metal cage!

The great artist Leo Ravenswood

Etienne - Marine Training

Although penile stimulation is usually frowned upon there are some acceptable ways for a locked guy to drain his fluid. Use of vibration on the cage can be useful step toward the goal of complete acceptance that his penis is not a sex organ.

(originally posted by Chirenon on Tumblr)

My last milking in 2018! At last the stimulator make my seed cooking and the locked vulcano make an eruption and spit a lot of his hot lava out!

A really hot vulcano Eruption! And the only way for a submissive guy to get milked!

Troy Halston

He was a fantastic performer in adult movies about bondage and bdsm!